Spencer Akers
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Born in Michigan on March 6, 1970.
Graduated from High School.
Stationed in Heidelberg Germany with the 503rd Transportation Company.  Spencer and his fellow comrades supported the whole Heidelberg community in providing every kind of transportation needs from US Mail, Bus transportation to troop transport.
October 2000
Was best man in the wedding of Derek Pahl, his best friend.  Most of the pictures from Shayln were of the wedding.
March 2002-August 2002
Deployed to Detroit to do border security missions in support of operation Noble Eagle and Wolverine Guardian.
February 2005
Left Traverse City for Mississippi for training, spent two weeks in California before going to Iraq.

(Thank you Amanda Meyer for giving me the correct information)
June 2005

Came home from California to see his family and friends for what we didn't know would be the last time before going off to fight a war in Iraq on our behalf.

Left his earthly body and became a soul set free on Thursday December 8, 2005.  Until we all see you again someday Spencer, we love you.
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