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Thinking of You Today  / Aaron Davis (Soldier Buddy )
All of your 503rd friends are thinking of you on this day!
i just found out tonight1-24-12  / Teri Crain Now Gordon (foster sister )
Spencer, God bless you. It has been almost 38 years (or was it 37?) since I last saw you..my name is Teri. I have been looking for your family off and on over the years to thank them for making such a difference in my life. Tonight I tried again and was so excited til I read on and found out about..I read all the wonderful things ppl wrote about you and I know you were a great young man, after all, Don and Carrole are your parents! Although I was only allowed to live there 1 year, I loved them. They showed me a family doesn't hurt each other and a 'father' can teach and guide with no other motive than for you to suceed and be a good person. That when he hugs you you don't have to be afraid..thank you Don. Your mom set me straight quick..and with love and compassion (ohhh I was a handful!) she also taught me how to croche:) Thank you Don and Carrole Akers for every moment you spent..I can't believe I found you! My heart and prayers go out to you and your loved ones...more now than ever. When you see this I would love to hear from you.               Love Teri (crain) Gordon    p.s. thank you again Spencer.
missing u  / Jeannine Robertson (sister)
Missing u so much today!  Love u!
December 8, 2011  / Kimberly
Thinking of you on this day.  May the ultimate sacrifice you made never be forgotten.  Jb and I think about you all the time.  R.I.P American Soldier
the past  / Michael Sexson (friend)
I worked with spencer in petoskey when he worked with Wackenhut.  We had a falling out after a car accident and we never talked again.  Shortly after I left and joined the military in the army medical field.  I was in baghdad working at Iba Sina hospital in the green zone emrgency room when I heard about him.  I could not describe and can not describe the guilt I feel about not talking to him.  I need to know if he came to the ER that I was in and did I see him or not but this most likely will not happen so I have to say.  Spencer I am sorry for not talking to you and I miss the friendship we had and I want you to know I would follow follow your lead anytime.
finally / Jeannine Robertson (sister)

Your journey has been seen though! You gave your live to track down binladden and it has finally came full circle today!  I love you so much and will miss you forever and a day!  I'm still so proud of you!  Look over us little brother!  I will sleep in your military jacket tonight and think of your bravery!  Love you so much! Your sis!


Christmas Wish  / Susan Wagner (Jeannine's neighboour )

                              Christmas Wish


December 8th is a date that will be engraved in our hearts. 

I wanted your family to know we'll be thinking of all of you from the moment that day starts.


Owen saw the American flag in our home and held it tenderly.

It's Spencer's country Nana! his little voice called out to me.

He still remembers you Spencer and now understands more about your life.

He knows that you had a daddy and your daddy has a wife.

So Nana that makes her his mommy... is pretty just like mine?

I bet she's proud of Spencer and his daddy thinks he's fine.


Christmas Eve is Owen's birthday and will be turning six years of age.

I didn't think he'd remember forever but he glances at the page...

A photo of an American Hero it's Spencer and his face lights up with Joy.

In moments he's back playing but I noticed your photo beside his toy.

Years may pass but as he grows he'll learn so much more about his American Hero.


I'll say a prayer as I often do that all who read this will be remebering you too.


So my Christmas Wish goes out today... to you dear Spencer in a special way....


I'll send it to your family and then I'll go and light your tree.

Jeannine will see your tree and knows it's a gift from me.

The lights are bright so you can see them from above.

Sent to you from all of us with lots and lots of love.


Thank you Spencer for giving so much to all of us.


God Bless You Forever & Your Family & Friends

God Bless our American Heros!


November 21st, 2010  / Kimberly
It was exactly 5 years ago today that the most horrible thing happened to you. You are still always in my thoughts. You will always be a hero to me and Jb...thank you for your selfless sacrifice. Me
Never Forgotten  / Susan Wagner (Sister's neighbour )

                            Never Forgotten



Dear Spencer:

I've been thinking about you a lot since our trip to Michigan this summer.

Scott and I crossed the boarder from Windsor and said a little prayer for you.

On our way to The Christmas Store we kept seeing American Flags all along the highway.  I sang O Beautiful but had difficulty finishing the song...

I wonder if the families of the American Soldiers have any idea how much we care?  Two Canadians not so far away from your homeland.

You served your country well as many other solidiers are doing at this time.  The grief that families have had to endure is beyond my understanding.

I hope that one day I can meet the rest of your family and friends. I feel like I know them from reading your stories.

You'll always be a part of our lives and your memory will live on forever.

I know that one day we'll all be together in Heaven as I do believe in God. 

For anyone reading this please don't ever forget that every kind act that you do can be in memory of your hero..."Spencer".

You suffered but not in vain....


Don't ever stop praying for Our American Heros!



Sue Wagner

Born in Britian... Lived in Canada...  Caring about American Heros




True Soldier  / Kevie Tillman (war buddy )
may God bless his soul. served with spencer in desert storm.
Thanks for your service - Never forgotten!!  / May Akers Ross (Akers - )

I am an Akers but not sure if we are directly related but wanted to Thanks Spencer and his family for fighting for our country. 

He is an American Hero and glad I share Akers with him.  We are all very proud of him.  I am from the William Akers in San Antonio Texas.

Thank you again for all you did for our country!!

Mei Akers Ross





MEMORIAL DAY 2010  / Kimberly

God Bless You Spence for your unselfish sacrifice and service to our country.  Can't believe its already going on 5 years....coming to see you today.




Larah wins  / Jeannine Robertson (sisster)
You would have been so proud of your little neice today!  She won the entire Eastern Canadian Championships!!!  I so wish you would have been able to watch her compete!  She is a warrior in the gym!
Happy Birthday old man!!!  / Jeannine Robertson (sister)

We were hoping to win the hockey game for you last night but it didn't work out.......made a toast to you.....happy birthday miss you

love your sister

March 6, 2010  / Kimberly


Happy 40th Spence


Merry Christmas....  / Kimberly

Hey...been thinking about you alot lately.  This may sound weird but it seems like there are so many dates/times that come up that make thinking about you come natural.  Its either your birthday Veterans Day Memorial Day Independence Day November 21st December 8th etc....reminders of that you once were are always there and its nice.  Anytime someone says Streeters or Best Buy...you come to mind.  Tonight at work the song Merry Christmas Darling by Karen Carpenter came on...and the memories come flooding back.  Thats the song I had on this site when I first made it.  And with hearing it came the stories of how I once knew and loved an American Hero.  To think that its been 4 years is uncomprehendable.  Almost as surreal as the night I ran into Annie at Petes and she asked if I heard what had happened to you.  No I hadn't at that point but the first thing I did when I got home was googled your name and read all about it on the internet...So tonight I got to tell all about you...because that song came on.  Well not that I couldn't tell about you any other time...but it's an opportunity with a gentle reminder that is like you saying "Hey don't forget me you said you never would."  Well I haven't and I won't.  Four years ago this time I was crying my eyes out at the fact I would never see you again at the fact you would never get the chance to get married and have kids at the fact that your smirky little grin wouldn't be seen again....but tonight I am smiling at the fact that I once knew you the fact that you died an American Hero a Legend in history...a true Soldier.  Thank you God for bringing Spencer into my life...that at the time I didn't know that one day he would be remember for his selflessness and heroism.  Thank you Spencer for being that guy...


A Little Child  / Susan Wagner (neighbour to jeannine spencer's sister )

In a small town named Sharon Onatrio lives Spencer's sister named Jeannine.

In a small town named Sharon Ontario lives a lady named Sue but known to her grandson as "Nana".

In a small town named Sharon Ontario a little child points at Jeannine's house and tells his Nana look an angel. (2007)

In a small town in Sharon Ontario Jeannine meets Sue and tells her of the loss of her dear brother Spencer.

In a small town in Sharon Ontario tears on sadness pour from the Sue's heart for the loss of Spencer's life.

In a small town in Sharon Ontario Sue smiles as her grandson points and continues to tell her about the angel over that house.

In a small town in Shaon Ontario Owen is told about Spencer and his life and his unselfish love for others.

In a small town in Sharon Ontario Nana prays for her grandson as he lay in hospital bed in the month of November.

In a big town named Barrie a little boy named Owen prays to his brave soldier Spencer for strength to fight his illness.

In a small town in Sharon Ontario a little boy named Owen looks at his tree that was planted in the fall of 2005 and smiles at the American Flag knowing it is in memory of Spencer.  An angel in heaven.

In a small town in Sharon Ontario we smile as Christmas draws close and Owen will celebrate his 5th birthday on Christmas Eve.


In a small town somewhere in the world their are people just like you and I praying for Peace and Justice.

God knows.

A Christmas Tree  / Susan Wagner (His sister' neighbour (Jeannine) )

There's a Christmas Tree that shines so bright in the town of Sharon Ontario Canada.

On this tree you'll see an American Flag that was placed there in Memory of Spencer. 

I live just a few houses down the road from Jeannine.. Spencer's sister.

My heart is with not only his family this Christmas but also his many friends and fellow soldiers that so proudly serve their country.

Spencer you made a difference in so many peoples lives and continue to change the lives of others.  Your courage and love for your country will give others the strength they need to endure whatever challenges may arise in their lives. 

God Bless you Spencer for your unselfish love.  Just as the evening stars shine down from the sky... may your love shine from the faces of others that have never and will never forget you. 

Mei we never be so busy that we don't hear the voices others in need. 

You had Faith Hope and Love and as we all know Love is the Greatest gift.

God Bless Your Soul Spencer! 

God Bless America!


 The voices of friends strangers and people in need.  Songs of Faith Hope and Love knowing that you lived your life and serve

I sit here in my home looking out of the window at a snow covered tree that has


A Christmas Remembrance  / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson

Spencer and his loved ones are in my thoughts
and my prayers this holiday season.
Please have a Blessed Christmas and a New Year
filled with good health and much happiness

thinking of you on this rememberance day  / Jeannine Robertson (sister)

Just wanted to thank you for giving your life for all of us.  I love you

and I still have not taken off your dog tags.  Please watch over

mom and dad and my entire family.

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