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June 19th 2006  / Kimberly

Yet another bittersweet day, it's so gut-wrenching that today is the day you'd be coming home to TC and Sebastian would be so happy to have you back.....yet it is a day of happiness that the rest of your comrades defending the old Red, White and Blue are safe at home now!  I still haven't been able to delete your phone number from my cell....because it would only mean I can accept you being gone, but I don't.....and I never will.  I miss you more then you will ever know....although as Jeannine said to me today, if you are up there looking down, you can easily see how much I cared and loved you.  God Bless You baby...for being you. 

Missing you  / Jeannine-brat Sister Robertson (Sister)
Dear little brother
The rest of your boy's arrived home safe today.  They will be getting such
a wonderful welcome from so many people.  I hope you know that you are
our hero and we will never let anyone forget what you did for all of us.  Your
family and friends miss you so much.  You should have been getting off  that
bus and coming to visit me,but you are in heaven and I know that it is better
there.  I still can't believe that you were taken from us.  Please know how much
I love you and thanks so much for waiting for me so I could say good-bye.  Even
though I was not very brave I know you understand....remember how you always
used to say to me "What are you some kind of a sissy!"  Well you were right!!!!
Missing you more than words can describe,Your Brat Sister Jeannine
Dear Spencer, ... Sorry it took so long to write.  / Samantha Shaner (old R/mate..and biggest pest! lol.! )
Today is the 225 anniversary of the Red white and blue!!!!!!  I just wanted to say thank you for keeping this country going and always standing up for what you believed in!!!!  Matt and I miss you dearly!!!!!  I can always tell when he is thinking about you....first he looks like his heart was ripped out of his chest ...then his eyes start to tear up...not a lot...but just a little..cause he knows you would beat the crap out of him for crying...then...just as I think he is going to break ...he pulls his shoulders back and stands straight.....tips his chin high and stands stronge because he doesn't want to let you down.  We all respect you more then most people can comprehend.  Hope alll is well....take care.

With all the love I can give...
Sam I Am.
June 8th, 2006  / Kimberly

It's been 6 months since you have been gone....and I miss you like crazy!  Brad from IRPMI e-mailed me this morning and commented on the recent victory in Iraq (Zarqawi's death)....I replied that I will ALWAY consider the war on terror as a war lost because we lost you!!  Sometimes I wonder to myself if it's normal to hurt so much after this long....I wonder how much longer it will hurt this bad.  It'll never seem real or right, I'll always wish things would of happened differently, that you couldn't find a unit to go with, that you wouldn't of been in that HUMVEE on November 21st, that I would of kept your letters and not took for granted that there will always be tomorrow.  I miss you "sweety"!

"HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY SPENCER"  / Johnette Monigner (Friend)



On This Memorial Day  / Rosemary (Proud American )
I was just passing through and wanted to send my condolences to the family and friends of this American Hero. And to thank Spencer for our freedom. God bless you all.
Memorial Day 2006  / Kimberly

Thinking of you today, although a day does not pass that youo are not on my mind.  The sacrifice you made will be remembered forever.


Me and Jb


"ANGEL" / Johnette Moninger (Friend)

You Are An Angel To Me..., Religious Angels Greeting Cards


For Spencers family and friends  / Vicki Groll (Ricks Mom )
It will be the little things that you will remember the quiet moments the smiles, the laughter, And although it may seem hard right now. It will be the memories of these little things that help to push away the pain, and bring the smiles back again With Loving Memories 
Please know there are many people who truly wish for your pain to lessen with each passing day. Not to forget, but to be comforted with his peace.  I can speak for myself in saying anytime I may be of help , I am but a phone call away.
Thank you!  / Brad Marine (Coach - Fellow Soldier )

You will not be forgotten! 

Thinking of you...but that is nothing new.  / Kimberly

I miss you!  I wish I had one more day to spend with you.  I look back now and feel so blessed to have been a part of your life....who knew that I'd be able to say one day that I have kissed a hero?  I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!  I never realized that I could miss someone so much.  Losing you has made me realize that no one should ever take something for granted and that life is so precious!  Every single day I ask myself how this could happen to you and I will probably never know until the day I am standing beside you in Heaven and only then will I understand why.  I miss you and I love you......

I'll never understand why  / Kimberly

If I would of known that I'd never get to see you or talk to you again, I would of done and said so much more then I did.  I miss you more then words can say and will NEVER EVER forget you or the selfless sacrifice you made.  I'd do anything to have you here...you meant so much more to me then I ever led you to believe.  You will ALWAYS have a place in my heart.

Monday March 27, 2006

Everytime I Visit This Site I Cry  / Gary Smith (Fellow Soldier )
I miss you Sgt. Akers. You were my buddy. Everytime I come here, you smile at me through your picture, and I know you, Brown, Dearing, Dane, and Youmans are waiting to greet the rest of us when our time comes. I return to this sight to keep up on our company casualties, and today I read Youmans is dead. It reminds me of simple things such as him always carrying his coffee cup, every day he had it. The guys from the company will read this, and understand. Since I have been home, people say, "Welcome Home!", and yeah thanks. I know in my heart they just don't understand. Telling stories or mentioning certain things just seems to be returned with a blank stare. When you guys do come home, my best advice is don't try to talk about it with people here, because you'll be wasting your breath. It brings such relief and faith when I visit this sight, and equally brings me to tears. The rest of you guys, come home safe.

Happy Birthday Spence  / Crystal Seigh
Hey Spence I just wanted to say Happy 36th Birthday, I know that it is alittle late but I was out of town, better late than never though right. And I also wanted to say Hppy St. Patricks Day! I miss you so much, and I think about you every day. Luv Ya Lots! Crystal
Happy St Patricks Day  / Kimberly
Hey...just remembering that we spent this day together 2 years ago...missing you!!!
Happy Birthday  / Matt Mayer (Roomate)
Spence happy 36th birthday, or should I say 28 or was it 25. It was different everytime, depending on who you were talking to. That is what I will always remember about you. I remember shortly after we met you told me you were a lot younget than you were, when I stumbled across one of your military documents and found your real age, you said "ok you caught me, but nobody else has so lets keep this our little secret" so happy birthday old man! I'll drink a jamison and 7up for you tonight.
Happy Birthday  / Shayln (Close Friend )
Well Spence, Happy Birthday. About now you would be recovering from a LONG weekend of Drinking! So lets hope up there you did the same.
Monday March 6, 2006  / Kimberly
Happy 36th Birthday Spence!!  You know it's been a lasting memory of you how you always told everyone that you were WAY younger then you really were and how I found out the truth!!  I still can't believe that your gone.  I don't think it will ever seem real to me...I'll always still think of you still over in Iraq, being the soldier that you are.  The only difference is that we aren't able to write eachother any longer.  Thanks so much for being the awesome guy that you were!  Happy birthday darling...until I see you again.

He be the Man  / Dorothy Hart (acqantance)
Wow, what a tribute...thanks everyone, especially Kimberly for this site and Spences' parents who raised one very gracious and courageous man. I met Spencer through his good friend Matt Mayer. Matt brought him to our family reunion a few years ago in Mecosta, Michigan. I remember them pitching a tent and just having fun and hangin with everyone. I also remember just chatting with Spencer and him talking about what a great time it was and he was so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of it all. He and Matt just made themselves at home and took part in things and enjoying themselves at the bonfire, drinking, and yes even the clean-up. I wish we could have had more time. Our family has a 3 day reunion every summer and we always get new people every year. When I first heard about Spencer's accident, I cried, even though I met him only once, I felt like I had known him for years. He was the type of man that you had to love because he was love. He was hope. I prayed several times a day, after that accident but as someone said, "God only takes the best". I have seen all the TV tributes to him and most especially the one last evening on 9 & 10 news. After that, I just knew I had to check out this sight. Good luck to his parents on their wall tribute. God bless his family and many thanks to Matt Mayer for introducing him to our family. See ya in heaven Spence and thanks for the great legacy but most especially thanks for your service to our great country. Dorothy (Mayer) Hart
February 14, 2006  / Kimberly
Happy Valentines Day Spencer!!!  Thinking of you and missing you.

In the silence of my room,
Which now seems to be my tomb,
I think of the yesterdays gone by.
I still see your face
Every moment, every place.
My strength drained, I start to cry.

Out of the window I now stare,
Just wishing you were there
As you were not that long ago.
I sure do miss your touch
So very, very much.
There's no way that I can let you know.

My lonely lips do miss
The way we used to kiss.
Why, oh why did you have to go?
How can I make you see
That we were meant to be?
I love you more than you shall ever know.

So much hurt down deep inside,
Hurt I surely cannot hide,
In plain sight for all the world to see.
If God would grant me but one prayer,
For it all seems so unfair,
I'd ask Him to bring you back to me.

B.G. Wetherby

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