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I miss you so much!  / Jessica Smyka (friend)
Spencer, It seems like only yesterday that i could here you saying, "smile blue eyes."  I miss you so much and i can't believe that yesterday was two months since your passing.  I saw a soldier who looked like you the other day and I yelled, "hey spence," but when he turned it wasn't you.   I know in my head your gone but in my heart i still don't understand.    I love you and miss you very much.  Love, Jessica
Bridge of memories  / JoAnne (Mom)
There is a bridge of memories
from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps you near us
It's the bridge that everyone calls love.

Missing you  / Tracey
I still can't believe that you are gone. It seems like yesterday we were talking on Yahoo.  I am really thankful your sister and I are sharing so many memories.  I miss you so much.
Forever in my heart...
From my heart  / Jeannine Robertson (Sister)
Tonight Feb.8th at 9:15 you left me and this earth behind,It's been 2 of the
longest months of my life.  I found 2 cards that you gave me around 1989
when you were in Germany. We were very close at that time,because we
were both going through tough times.  I will never forget our stupid fights or
the meaningful phone calls.  I love you so much,,,,please look down on
mom and dad and my family....take care of us little brother.  I wish I would
have taken better care of you....I'm sorry,
Love your brat Sister.....your only sister Jeannine
February 8, 2006  / Kimberly
It's been 2 months and I miss you...at times I tell myself that it is not real, that your still coming home...I guess it's easy to tell myself that.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure every American knows what you did for us!!!!

RIP...YOU are my hero!

"CAST YOUR PRAYERS"  / Johnette Moninger Angels-MAry B, Madison F, Colt P, Toby M, Joseph D (Friend)

Guardian Angel

When you're worried
about someone you care
for, cast your thoughts,
prayers, and wishes to their
Angel. Love them from a
distance, then move on
knowing they are in
good hands.

"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY SPENCER"  / Johnette Moninger Angels: Madison F, Colt, Joseph, &. Toby. (Friend)

You are precious
and glorious
in God's sight.
May His love
be with you and your family
every day of the year.


Thinking of you!  / Kimberly
  Missing you....
January 29, 2006  / Kimberly
I Wasn't Thru Loving You
Dedicated to Those Who Have Lost a Soldier in the War

By: Laurel A. Olmsted
Copyright 2005

Once upon a time
I believed in fairy tales.
I believed in life without end
And love that never fails.

Then one day I woke up
And found it wasn’t true.
The only thing I knew for sure is
I wasn’t thru loving you.

I miss the fun we used to have
And all our late night talks.
I miss reaching for your hand
When we would take our walks.

How do I keep your face
From fading from my view?
The only thing I know for sure is
I wasn’t thru loving you.

What happens to the plans
That we so carefully made?
What happens to the life
I never thought I’d trade?

Now that I am all alone
I don’t know what to do.
The only thing I know for sure is
I wasn’t thru loving you.

And if there is indeed a God
Maybe He will hear my cry.
I pray that He will answer
All my questions why.

Why did it turn out this way?
Why our years together so few?
The only thing I know for sure is
I wasn’t thru loving you.

I long to hear your voice
Laughing at the jokes we shared,
And to have you whisper in my ear
How much you’ve always cared.

I want to go back in time
When our love was fresh and new.
A time when I didn’t have to worry
That I wasn’t thru loving you.

I hold the pictures in my hand
As I take them from the book.
Tears leave their stain upon my cheek
As I pause for one more look.

Once upon a time
Should never end so blue.
For all the rest of my life
I will never be thru loving you.
Spence / Shayln Twigg (Friend)
Its been pretty hard the last few months.... I try to not think about the fact your gone. Its hard though when I dream about you then wake up and realize I cant call you. I sleep with the blanket your parents sent. I was just gonna put it away and save it. But they said you would have rather it get used.I always remeber you bringing that stupid thing everywherw with you. Streeters hasnt been much the same without you. I dont really go there now. It reminds me to much of you. well i just thought id stop by cause your on my mind... I love ya...
It's been awhile  / Matt Mayer (roomate)
I haven't been on this site in awhile, partly because it hurt so much, I think of Spencer daily and I know that the feelings that I feel today will be with me the rest of my life. There is no escaping the lost feeling I have today. I know that tomorrow when I put on my military uniform I will feel the hurt but right behind that hurt is the pride, the pride that Spence always told me to have when I put on that uniform. So I lace my combat boots for you Spence. May God lead you into paradise. Love always and forever. Matt
January 25, 2005  / Kimberly
Spence....angel in Heaven ^j^

I still can't believe that your gone....everytime I get on this site I think about how impossible it seems that I will never see you again until I see you in Heaven. 

One thing that seems to ease the pain is if I think about something that I would be willing to die doing and know that is exactly what you did.  My heart will always have a place for you no matter what. 


This made me think of Spencer  / Vicki G. (sons friend )
Greater love has no one than this,
that one lay down his life for his friends.
(John 15:13)

 Spencer paid the ultimate  sacrifice for his friends. Always remember our heroes.
IF GOD...  / Johnette Moninger Angels-Toby, Colt, Joseph (Friend)

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

I miss you spencer  / Jessica Smyka (frind)
Spencer i heard a quote today that made me think of you it went;

       "I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long, if were in each others dreams we can play together all night."  

That's how it is for me.  Every night we still talk in my dreams.  And during the day you are always in my thoughts.  I just wish I could physically still hold you in my arms.  But I'll hold you in my heart until I meet you up in heaven then i'll give you a great big squeeze.  I love you and miss you
          Love, Jessica
A True Friend  / Trina L. (Friend)
It seems like only yesterday we were chatting it up on myspace and cracking jokes at each others pictures.  I know your not gone Spencer because when something is gone you do not know where it is.  You are truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed.

Love you,

Author Unknown  / Tamera (Friend)
When you come to the edge of all the light you know,
and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknow,
Faith is knowing one of two things will happen, There will be
something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.
SALUTE / Fred C. Eisenhauer (father of a fallen comrad in arms )
we salute you Spencer, our condolences to family and friends
the family of PFC Wyatt Dale Eisenhauer, KIA
19May 2005, Siad of Abdullah, Iraq
God Bless!  / Carrie (Passerby)
Thank God for the wonderful people of our armed forces! This world is a better place because of them. You are in my prayers.
My condolences  / Connie
My heart goes out to you right now.  I am truly greatful for the sacrafice that Spencer-and all of our military men and women have made.  His loved ones will be in my prayers.

Connie Walker-girlfriend of Sgt Craig Frank KIA 7/17/04
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